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Collegiate School of Medicine & Bioscience


  • Grades Served: 9 – 12
  • 245 Students
  • Average Class Size: 18
  • Theme: Medicine and Bioscience including Plants, Animals, and Environmental
  • Languages Offered: Latin, Spanish
  • School Day: 8:05am – 3:02pm
  • Opened in 2013
  • Uniform Required
  • Designed as a rigorous four-year health care, plant science, animal science and bioscience research professions magnet program, the school's mission is to graduate a diverse student body prepared to succeed at the nation's best colleges and universities.
  • Requires a written commitment from both students and parents to follow the rigorous four-year course sequence, complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service, earn First Aid and CPR certification prior to entering the 11th grade, and abide by the school's Honor Code and Dress Code policies.
  • All Seniors complete an internship or capstone project according to interest in a particular Bioscience field. The internship includes a minimum of 90 hours at a local medical school, health care provider, botanical garden, zoo, or in Cortex Innovation District.
  • Very diverse student body ethnically, racially, and religiously. Our student body comes from 36 different zip codes and middle schools from districts such as: Kirkwood, Ladue, Lindbergh, Mehlville, Parkway, Ritenour, Rockwood, Webster Groves, Valley Park, parochial, private, charter, and St. Louis Public Schools.
  • Admission requirements:
  • Extracurriculars: Student Council, National Honor Society, HOSA, Robotics Team, Chess, Debate, Model UN, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Track & Field, Volleyball.
  • Special Education: All services to meet the needs of students with IEP's.
  • Parent Involvement: PTO, Volunteering, event sponsorship, school store support, fund raising.
  • Advanced application is required and spots are allocated by lottery. For details including elligibility information, application requirements, lottery schedule and placement procedures, download the SLPS Magnet Guide
  • Offers 8 AP Classes


Reviews (7)

  • 2/5Student 10/11/2017
    Many things at this school go unaddressed even when the principal knows about it. A lot of school spirit is gone, the school doesnít care about the sports and doesnít realize that scholarships can be given through sports and academics. Everyone isnít always going to get academics scholarships and sports... More
  • Proud to Call Collegiate Home!Teacher/Staff 09/29/2017
    Choosing to work at Collegiate has been the best decision I've made in my professional career. The school offers unique and innovative opportunities and programs, and the students are driven and diverse. As a small school, the sense of community is astounding. Each year, the systems and programs are ... More
  • New adminstration--ignore all the previous reviewsParent 04/20/2017
    Unfortunately the new principal the district brought in has been a disaster for this school. All the school spirit is gone. No one comes to PTO meetings. The kids are unhappy and bullying goes unaddressed. Staff is on eggshells all the time. I have lost a lot of faith in the district since they ... More
  • AmazingParent 11/05/2014
    My Daughter is Freshman at Collegiate, I as a parent am in love with this school . The curriculum Is excellent , the teachers are always on the ball , Collegiate Gives students a chance to be the best they can be ..
  • Best School in St. LouisParent 10/20/2014
    I would highly recommend this school to any student who is thinking about a health care career.
  • Best math scores in the City!Parent 10/20/2014
    Now that last year's test scores have been released, Collegiate can claim the highest math scores in the City--yes, outdoing even Metro and McKinley! This school is the best!
  • Great placeParent 07/29/2014
    My daughter was one of the inaugural freshman class members and will be going into her sophomore year at CSMB. The school atmosphere is amazing. The teachers are incredibly dedicated and the students are all friends--really, no cliques or bullying problems to be seen. This is definitely not a school... More
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  • Highly Diverse Economically60% of students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Highly Diverse Racially


This School SLPS Avg
100% 74.6% 1.5%
In 2016, earned 100% of possible APR/MSIP points
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Test Scores

This School SLPS Avg State Avg
86.7% 31.4% 55.8%
In 2016, 86.7% of students tested Proficient or Above
For more details, see MODESE's School Report Card

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