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Lafayette Preparatory Academy

PUBLIC Charter

  • Grades Served: KG – 7 (Adding 8 next year)
  • 306 Students
  • Average Class Size: 24
  • School Day: 8am – 3pm
  • Extended Care: 7am – 6pm
  • Opened in 2013
  • Uniform Required
  • Locally grown: "We are an organization built by and operated by people who live in the community we serve. We saw a need for a school for our families, neighbors, and community members and took it upon ourselves to create the school we wanted."
  • Locally grown: "We are an organization built by and operated by people who live in the community we serve. We saw a need for a school for our families, neighbors, and community members and took it upon ourselves to create the school we wanted."
  • Inquiry-based Learning: "We encourage our students to ask questions and solve problems. It is our work to provide them the skills and knowledge to be able to effectively do so, rather than to simply feed them information."
  • Small, tight-knit community: "We are an intentionally smaller school because we believe in knowing and appreciating each child in our school. By keeping our community small, we are able to ensure that students are not lost in the shuffle and are empowered to direct their learning and participate actively in their community."
  • Adding a grade each year, eventually serving K-8.
  • Extracurriculars: Girl Scouts, Read/Right/Run, Art Club, Circus Club, Lego Club, Music Club. It varies annually.
  • Gifted Education: "We incorporate instruction and programs, both inside and outside of the classrooms, that challenge students who thrive on such challenges."
  • Special Education: "Designed to meet the needs of individual students and the requirements of the law."
  • Parent Involvement: LPA seeks to strike the balance between social-emotional support and strong academics. Students are guided through the program with intentional supports as they grow and mature, increasing their responsibility and accountability for learning and behavior as they age.


Reviews (23)

  • Incredible SchoolParent 10/06/2019
    My kids started their third year at LPA. (2nd and 7th) Our family feels so lucky to be a part of this wonderful community. The school has excellent faculty and leadership, and my boys are thriving academically and socially. The building is new, attractive, and expanding. I canít imagine a better option... More
  • Growth Mindset and Inclusive EnvironmentParent 10/06/2019
    We have been at LPA for several years and each year it gets better. The school embraces and models a growth mindset for students. Kids are routinely supported in their quest to become their best selves. In the diverse environment, LPA strives to embrace all peoples and encourages student dialogue to ... More
  • So happy, 6 years and counting!Parent 10/06/2019
    This is our 6th year at LPA and we are so happy! Growing with the school into the brand new middle school building our 11 y/o is doing great. We are very impressed with the mostly new middle school staff. In third grade the teachers experience is helping our child thrive. Both our kids are happy... More
  • A city blessing & tremendous growth potentialParent 12/07/2018
    My child is a kindergartener and is thriving more than I could have dreamed. Sheís all smiles every day and can not wait to get to school as soon as the doors open. The teachers and staff are friendly and go beyond to be communicative with parents. I know some people complain because the standardized... More
  • Some great teachers but has a lot of growing to doParent 12/04/2018
    There are some really great teachers in the school, especially in the youngest grades. The school lacks a lot of what is needed for true racial equity to take place. Also have concerns about academics after the early grades.
  • LPA is the best school ever!Student 11/02/2017
    This school is the best! I mean like all things rolled up into one and who knew there is such thing as an investigation's class ? I've been at the school for five years I'm not gonna leave the school until eighth grade this is amazing this is the greatest school ever ! What are you trying to improve... More
  • Hard and soft skills part of comprehensive curriculumParent 09/13/2017
    "LPA trains up responsible able citizens of our world" is my husband's and my response when friends ask why we enrolled our child at LPA. We are impressed on a daily basis with both the rigorous academic curriculum and the intentional development of each student's emotional intelligence, among several... More
  • Couldn't be HappierParent 09/12/2017
    My fifth grader said this morning, "My teachers find fun ways to teach things" and commented on how quickly his school day goes. During our LPA orientation, the Head of School said they believed in "joyful learning," and it's obvious this is true. I could go on and on, but I will just say this: if you... More
  • Emotional Literacy Taught HereParent 09/11/2017
    This school is by far the best in teaching emotional literacy in addition to academics. I love that my kindergardener has felt comfortable in LPA's school environment since day one. There are calm down zones in each classroom, and children are taught how to safely and effictively manage their emotions... More
  • Everyone says helloParent 09/11/2017
    My daughter is a new kindergartner at LPA. From Day One, when I'd walk her to class there was no less than 5 people that said good morning to her by name. I don't know how they do it, but every faculty member knows the name of every child, and they are always cheerful and inviting. It really eased ... More
  • Warm and InclusiveParent 09/11/2017
    We are so pleased to begin our second year at LPA. The entire LPA community (school staff, parents, and students) exudes a cheery, inviting warmth we've not experienced elsewhere. We find the LPA staff to be genuine, approachable, creative and eager to listen to and collaborate with families. From the... More
  • A Happy PlaceParent 11/01/2016
    Yesterday I watched as over 200 students and staff members paraded around the park and thought back to my own years in Elementary school. My son is in Kindergarten at LPA and his teachers have been nothing short of amazing. I feel like he is loved and cared for all day, everyday. And, he's learning a... More
  • Small and PersonalableParent 11/01/2016
    When we started looking for a school we decided that a smaller school would be ideal. We really like that it's not far from our house. We love that you see the administration every day, actively apart of the school. I have access to my child's teacher by email, phone and text. I have a great idea of... More
  • The school has great academics but overbearing and boundary pushing administrationParent 10/07/2015
    This school is a very good choice if you live in the city. The teachers are wonderful and the kids learn so much. Be prepared for a very strict school environment. This school is expensive, since it doesn't have it's own transportation system parents pay for transportation to and from field trips. You... More
  • Hard to believe this school is FREE!Parent 02/26/2015
    We planned to send our daughter to the Catholic school our older sons attend, but we decided to try out LPA since we were hearing such good things about the philosophy and the Head of School, Susan Marino. Honestly, it was a complete surprise how happy we became with the school. Our daughter is now in... More
  • A home away from homeTeacher/Staff 02/03/2015
    Before I came to LPA my job allowed me to visit nearly 50 elementary schools in the metropolitan area. I first came to LPA looking for a school for my son (who will soon join us as a kindergartner). I fell in love. LPA is a small town school in the middle of the city. I know that when my child comes ... More
  • Who knew school could be so fun?Parent 02/03/2015
    The biggest problem we have at LPA is getting our daughter to leave at the end of the day! She is so happy and so engaged that she does not want the day to end. At her old school, she hated it there and never wanted to go. Not the case anymore. The teachers really work hard to do interesting lessons... More
  • Great community; great academicsParent 11/26/2014
    I have found the place where my child can get the best of both worlds - a great education and a great community. When we walk in, people are smiling and genuinely happy to see our daughter. Everyone knows her and cares about her. She is learning well beyond what I thought she would do in 1st grade. She... More
  • Yes! There is now another excellent school in the cityParent 11/07/2014
    We looked at multiple public schools in the city and county and we are so happy to have found LPA. We love the child centered educational approach that this school uses. Susan and my daughters' teachers truly have created a wonderful learning environment. I encourage you to tour several different... More
  • LPA is wonderfulParent 10/29/2014
    We could not be happier with our choice of school. Our son is in kindergarten and is thriving and doing very well. The teacher and staff go above and beyond. Our son's kindergarten teacher is like an extension to our family. The curriculum is fantastic and our son is doing work that some of the gifted... More
  • Very Happy with the SchoolParent 10/24/2014
    We have our five years old enrolled to LPA, she has wonderful teachers, since day one we are very impress with the education our daughter receives. Everything s is very organized around the school and they have a fantastic curriculum; we are so happy with choice we made.
  • We LOVE this school!Parent 10/08/2014
    The teachers and staff really care about the students. It's evident the second you walk in the door at LPA. The school promotes a family atmosphere in all aspects of the excellent education our child is getting. At our old Charter school we felt like a number and we had no voice. That's not the case... More
  • LPA is great! Parent 07/30/2014
    This school is the reason my family stayed in Lafayette Square instead of moving to someplace like Kirkwood. The Head of School is fantastic, and the teachers are dedicated, energetic and creative. My son will be in third grade there this year, and my girl will be in kindergarten, and I'm couldn't... More
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  • Highly Diverse Economically40% of students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Highly Diverse Racially


This School SLPS Avg
60% 74.6% 1.5%
In 2016, earned 60% of possible APR/MSIP points
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Test Scores

This School SLPS Avg State Avg
35.9% 31.4% 55.8%
In 2016, 35.9% of students tested Proficient or Above
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