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St. Louis Language Immersion School - The French School

PUBLIC Charter

  • Grades Served: KG – 8
  • 174 Students
  • Average Class Size: 20
  • Methodology: Language Immersion
  • Languages Offered: French
  • School Day: 9am – 3:30pm
  • Extended Care: 7am – 6pm
  • Opened in 2009
  • Uniform Required
  • "Our students are biliterate and bilingual by second grade. A visit on a school day will allow you to see children of all ages and backgrounds speaking a second language as young as kindergarten. Not only are the children actively learning in a second language, but any child can be pulled at any time to come over to you as a visitor and describe to you, in the new language and then in English, what activities are happening."
  • "Our teachers are constantly differentiating, or customizing, their instruction to meet all students' needs and to promote growth for all students - both those who are behind and those who are advanced. All our students receive daily targeted English support at their level to enhance their English language skills so that they can grow in both languages."
  • We use"Positive Behavior Support", which works to eliminate challenging behavior and in its place teach pro-social skills and universal expectations. We have a student-centered approach to discipline.
  • We're an IB school, so our students drive their own learning through inquiry.
  • See their Missouri Charter School Application:
  • Extracurriculars: Boys and Girls Club (before and aftercare), enrichment opportunities available weekly during the school day (soccer, piano, choir, drama, podcasts, coding, chess club, history class, basketball, etc), Girl Scouts, Latin dance class
  • Special Education: Support provided as determined necessary by students' IEP
  • Parent Involvement: School Advisory Council (SAC), Room Parents, Book Fair Volunteers, classroom support
  • Tours:


Reviews (28)

  • Creating global learnersParent 04/30/2015
    We have been very pleased with my daughter's progress at TFS this year. As a kindergartner, she uses French words on a regular basis to ask for things, say please, thank you, etc. and doesn't even realize she is doing it. TFS is still a growing program (which means some inevitable 'hiccups') but I have... More
  • Diversity is the key Parent 04/29/2015
    When I was looking for a school for my little ones, I want one that was Diverse because this world that we live in is Diverse. I also love the fact they will be learning a new language to help them in the future.
  • Great Experience at TFSParent 04/27/2015
    We have two children at The French School, grades 4 and 2. It has been a wonderful experience for both of them as we watched them gain more confidence in their French and this has translated into confidence in other areas. Both kids like going to school and their teachers and friends. We have also made... More
  • citizens of the worldParent 04/25/2015
    The French School is the ONLY urban, tuition-free, International Baccalaureate, French Immersion School in the U.S. What an amazing opportunity right here in STL. I value not only the language immersion (and it is so incredible to see my 6-year-old already reading and writing in TWO languages!), but... More
  • Amazing OpportunityParent 04/25/2015
    We love SLLIS....5 years in and hope to continue through graduation. The staff are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Diverse population. Interactive learning. Experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in St. Louis.
  • Unique & ChallengingParent 04/24/2015
    It's an amazing opportunity for your child(ren) and family to broaden your experience and knowledge about the world around you on a level above what many educational journeys have available. We absolutely love it!
  • Caring and unique schoolParent 04/24/2015
    I have two daughters at The French School and am an active volunteer. The teachers are warm and friendly. They go out of their way to give their students an enriching experience. Both of my daughters have excelled in their French and are growing academically. We also have a pre-school age son and will... More
  • Intellectually Inspiring SchoolParent 04/24/2015
    We love TFS because of the diverse, loving and challenging environment which expands our kids' brains and hearts. The language component is constantly opening pathways in their brains and improving their problem solving skills. We expect all of this will give them a competitive advantage at the college... More
  • The best K-8 education opportunity in STLParent 04/24/2015
    Our daughter has benefitted significantly from The French School. Besides the strong immersion curriculum, the school has an amazing community. We are seeing her blossom intellectually and personally. St. Louis is lucky to have The French School (and I can't believe it's free)!
  • Becoming a citizen of the worldParent 04/24/2015
    Our children are truly getting an international education with native French speakers and multicultural interns giving a world view and varied educational experience. My children are fluent in French and English at 8 and 10 years old!
  • Opportunity to learn a new languageParent 04/24/2015
    I believe it is advantageous for kids to learn another language. My son is headed to the 6th grade in the International School and we are so excited! He is fluent in French and poised for success in an international world!
  • New experiencesParent 04/24/2015
    We really enjoy the experience that the French school offers. My daughter loves the language and learning about the different cultures.
  • I love this schoolParent 04/24/2015
    I believe people should know that this school has taught my daughter a lot within the first few years. I was really worried when she first stared if she would fit in being that she would be learning a new language all while simply learning. But, I have no worries, this school has exceeded my expectations... More
  • Caring and unique schoolParent 04/24/2015
    I have two daughters at The French School and am an active volunteer. The teachers are warm and friendly. They go out of their way to give their students an enriching experience. Both of my daughters have excelled in their French and are growing academically. We also have a pre-school age son and will... More
  • Like a FamilyParent 04/24/2015
    We love SLLIS because of the tight community that bands together to support such a wonderfully unique school in the awesome city of St. Louis! Where else nearby can your kids get such an amazing passport to other cultures in an ever-shrinking global community? We love TFS!
  • EncouragingParent 04/24/2015
    It is a pleasure to experience the benefits language immersion has for you and your child. SLLIS is a great school of 3rd grader
  • Great learning experience and schoolParent 04/24/2015
    Great opportunity for our children to learn other languages and get a great education
  • Love TFS!Parent 04/24/2015
    My son loves TFS! He feels so at home there and all of s teachers have been wonderful. TFS has opened his mind so much in terms of culture and embracing others who may be different for him, its been great to witness.
  • Great experienceParent 04/24/2015
    This program truly is a once in a lifetime experience. The teachers are passionate About their craft
  • My children are thriving at this school .Parent 04/24/2015
    TFS creates a rich learning experience for all children.
  • Loved our six years!Parent 04/24/2015
    We've seen our daughter grow and thrive in the language immersion environment and with the IB program. School culture is also great. Highly recommend TFS!
  • Great mindsParent 04/24/2015
    With so many articles lately coming out touting the benefits of a bilingual brain, this is a fantastic option for elementary school in this city. Not only do our children learn their Maths and ABCs, Arts and Music; they do it in 2 languages! It's amazing what that does to their brain development and... More
  • Fantastic ConceptParent 04/24/2015
    I love this school. In my opinion they are still in concept phase and working out educational diversity issues. Well worth it!!!
  • I love this school!Parent 04/24/2015
    My children love their teachers, and do exceptionally well learning a new language. They have taught me some French, too... Bon Jour ...
  • Good school. :)Parent 04/24/2015
    This has been a good school for my daughter. She has had good teachers and a good principal. She has done very well in learning a new language and still keeping up with the rest of her studies.
  • Brilliant OpportunityParent 04/24/2015
    We have two children enrolled at The French School, a 2nd grader and a kindergartner. We jumped at the chance three years ago to experience immersion education FOR FREE in St. Louis. We are very happy with the teachers, the curriculum, and the diverse student body pulling from all over St. Louis. ... More
  • The sky is the limitParent 04/24/2015
    This school is fabulous! I moved to the city to give my daughter the wonderful opportunity to learn from the best innovative teachers and teach her to progress in life, school hard determination. Great job TFS!
  • Educating Global CitizensParent 11/19/2014
    We chose The French School at SLLIS because we want our child to be not just conversationally proficient in a foreign language but academically literate and culturally competent. Our son (8) speaks, reads, and writes in two languages and is developing multi-disciplinary critical thinking skills promoted... More
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  • Highly Diverse Economically63.2% of students qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Highly Diverse Racially


This School SLPS Avg
67.9% -8.1% 74.6% 1.5%
In 2016, earned 67.9% of possible APR/MSIP points
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Test Scores

This School SLPS Avg State Avg
37.4% 31.4% 55.8%
In 2016, 37.4% of students tested Proficient or Above
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