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St. Louis University High School

PRIVATE Catholic

  • Grades Served: 9 – 12
  • Blue Ribbon School (2015)
  • 1000 Students (All Boys)
  • Average Class Size: 21
  • Languages Offered: Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Arabic
  • School Day: 7:50am – 3pm
  • Opened in 1818
  • Tuition Range: $17,100 Per Year Average tuition for local Private Schools: $9,468
  • All scholarships are need-based and 40% of our students receive financial assistance. Over $4.1 million in scholarships have been awarded for the 2017-18 school year.
  • 40% of students receive Financial Aid
  • St. Louis University High School is the second oldest Jesuit high school and part of a Jesuit network of 61 high schools and 28 colleges and universities in the United States.
  • Students come from 93 zip codes and 182 middle schools.
  • 90% of students letter in a sport.
  • Average ACT is 30 (95th percentile nationally). 30% of Seniors scored 33 or higher on the ACT (99th percentile nationally).
  • All seniors perform 120 hours of community service outside of school during the month of January
  • Extracurriculars: Athletics (19 sports), Fine Arts (Band/Orchestra, Choir, Theater, Dance) & more than 50 student clubs
  • Parent Involvement: Mothers Club and Fathers Club
  • AP Classes: AP courses offered in more than 20 subjects


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  • This place is all it says it is, and more!Parent 09/15/2014
    My son is a senior at SLUH and we have loved every minute. He is actually trying to savor every moment this year as he doesn't want high school to end, even though he is looking forward to college with a strong GPA and an ACT score above the school average of 30. My baby was blessed with ability, but he is no genius -- he just put in the work. They will teach your son how to study! These boys all start out knowing virtually nobody as freshmen but they truly graduate as brothers. The academics are what they are known for but it would be really hard not to find a way to be involved in other ways with all the sports, club sports, clubs and extracurricular activities. A grade school counselor told me one time that in a co-ed school the boys have to be all macho all the time while the girls take on the role of nurturers, but in an all boys school the boys learn to fill that role as well. I can absolutely see that in my son as he has a wonderful group of friends with whom he talks about his feelings and they provide support and feedback. The best part is their idea of a big night out is to go to Steak-n-Shake to study, or see a movie or even just throw a frisbee around. I have no way of knowing if there are kids who are into drugs and alcohol, but I can say that my son has not experienced it. They only take the top students, and they do require a lot of homework, but if your son qualifies then they will work with you on tuition based on your income. This is not a school filled with rich kids driving fancy cars. Do not cross SLUH off your list until you have checked them out!
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  • Somewhat Diverse Economically40% of students receive Financial Aid
  • Lacks Racial Diversity

Test Scores

In 2019, the Average ACT Score for students was 30 30

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